S.M.T. (Supra Molecular Tecnology)
What it is and what we can do with Supra Molecular Technology

Our Mission

Supramolecular chemistry is a rapidly developing discipline that studies molecular assemblies and intermolecular bonds.

Professional Team

Italian/Russian group engaged in the study and development of S.M.T. technology.

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The S.M.T. Technology can be applied in many sectors, that's why we are engaged in strategic sectors for Human and Animal Health. Moreover in the Sport the results are amazing.

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Body Care
QS Cosmetics Line

Our products can come in various forms (detergents: soaps, foams etc., sprays, masks, creams, emulsions, aqueous solutions, oils, gels, pastes, lotions, vials etc.) and do not contain synthetic active ingredients.


In this area, we have tested, with amazing results, our technology S.M.T. in various sectors: Athletics, Archery, Skiing, Bike, World Motorcycle, Swimming. S.M.T. reduces the negative effects of sporting effort by improving performance


More and more intensive cultivations must use aggressive chemical pesticides and herbicides, with our S.M.T. technology we are able to eliminate the use of chemicals, improving the quality without reducing the quantity.


In the Farm Animal sector, our results are at the forefront. Intensive breeding of poultry, pigs, dairy and slaughter cows, applying our technology, we zero the use of antibiotics gaining in quality.

IED Veterinary

Breeding Animals
About technologyS.M.T.

By means of supramolecular and colloidal chemistry, a connection is established between nanotechnology, biology and medicine. Many living systems, such as cellular ribosomes, viruses, vesicles, are nanostructures and their functions are implemented at the nanoscale. Therefore, it is obvious that the development of new systems important for biology-from bionanorobots and nanosensors to nanopharmaceuticals and nanovaccines-should include design using supramolecular and colloidal chemistry methods. 

  • Prevention from bacterial diseases
  • Immune defense enhancement
  • Treatment of viral infections of various etiologies

Our Customers
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Why choose IED?

Years of research and experimentation have led us to propose highly functional organic products. Our continuous research in solving various problems in various sectors is always active in our laboratories.

Competitive Prices

In our online E-Commerce, we offer our products at highly competitive prices with demonstrable and visible results.

Quality Products

The quality of our products is given by the basic composition: Supra Molecular Water. Being water-based and free of chemical compounds, we can define that the IED quality is unique.

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