"Nature Project"

Rediscovering art in agriculture

Awareness is spreading everywhere of the terribly harmful effects of synthetic chemicals used in agriculture for several decades now. How can we get out of this, what seems to be, a dead end.

We try to find less harmful products, more “ecological” treatment systems, or we try to reproduce molecules of natural products, etc…

However, we believe that the fundamental answers should not be sought in these directions.

 Access to lasting, humane solutions, at the risk of upsetting a part of the teaching or scientific community, will be found by thinking differently!


 To strengthen the expression, “living”, of life meant at 360° therefore not only human but also animal and Vegetable, and therefore to limit and then suppress diseases, it is necessary to understand the “living world” in a very different way from what is going on today. You cannot fully understand life, dissecting up to the infinitely small, a living organism and studying it exclusively on a level strictly confined to matter. The matter is nothing but a result, or rather the conclusion of a process that has chilled different substances in a precise form to get to a plant species or another category.

Einstein declared: “everything is energy that condenses or expands, energy precedes matter in a flow of information that thickens, materializes, embodies”.


What we are interested in, for a deep understanding of the plant, are the processes that created it, not the plant itself!

It is these forces that must be understood in order to access true progress. To understand life, one must leave matter behind and turn to the understanding of the system! The Earth, our planet, does not possess life, it receives it through its belonging to a solar and satellite system. In their absence, the Earth dies. In other words, if you remove the Earth from the solar system, or if you wrap it in an immense plastic, life would almost totally disappear.

We want to go beyond the question “How does this life come to earth” We want to dare other questions:” How does the solar system remain coherent? What relationship of forces allows the planets to have such stable orbits, each with such different numbers of years (84 days for Mercury and almost 30 years for Saturn)? What affinities are expressed in these rhythms? Why is our system moving at thirty kilometers per second towards Vega? So what are the active forces that maintain these balances and what is their meaning? These and other dozens, hundreds of questions should be asked to young students of agriculture so that they become aware, for their future decisions, for the impact of their actions…


It is necessary to understand that behind these balances there are first of all relationships of forces that can be simplified in the terms: “solar attraction” and “gravity”. Each “pulls” on its side and the whole forms a celestial balance in which, indirectly, we live. The key word is therefore: “relationship of ‘forces'”!

What are they ? How do these forces work? Can we use them?

These are questions that can evolve our agricultural actions. Life arrives on earth through millions of frequencies, cosmic wavelengths, each carrying very specific information. Finally, each plant is an energetic system of listening or receiving what it needs to express its specificity.

In this new approach, nothing is imposed on a plant in a blind manner, only its reception faculties are enhanced. (“its acoustics” if you will). It is brought closer to its “archetypal force” or energy matrix.

The gene only gives us an illusion. It is only the first visible element on the energetic plane. The scientific world knows this, because it affirms: “it is not the gene itself but what is around it that acts”.


Regaining this connection through understanding the parts is the work we have undertaken as an experiment.

And this is what we want from “our preparations”, in their own way of course. In the end, they must act a bit like tiny emitters/receptors linked to very precise processes, which can then lead on the visible plane to particular microbial lives, etc…. This is the access above all, on a qualitative level, for the plants that feed on this “micro – cosmos”, to a harmony, a balance leading to a better equilibrium. This is the access, on a qualitative level, for the plants that feed on this “micro – cosmos”, to a harmony, a balance that brings rejuvenating forces indicated by the word: “Healthy”.

 We are only at the first steps of these understandings, a bit like the airplanes that, a century ago, flew a few meters high! This will go much further, and in a positive sense, but only if these paths are made with conscience understanding and respecting the living in what represents the most noble. This too is “green thumb”, nothing but an exchange of energies….

These forces are all around us. We must recognize them and learn to make use of them, without deviance, without trying to copy them for economic or other reasons.

Let’s take the example of a vineyard. The tiny shoots that are barely visible in the first days of March will become branches, leaves, flowers, then grapes. More than a ton of matter appears on each hectare in less than 6 months. Consider that 94% of this matter, from which the water has been removed (dry matter), comes from photosynthesis, and therefore from the ability of the vineyard to take advantage of these solar energies, and to embody them.

This is where action must be taken to correct the harmful effects of physical and energetic contamination. The right gesture must be made at the moment in which energy becomes matter. Afterwards, the “games are played”, matter becomes difficult to correct if it has a defect, a defect it will be and it will be called “disease”, a disease that will not be well understood for sure, but that will block the natural evolution of the plant, potentially creating other diseases!


This is the great specificity of our research: to act at the moment when energy becomes matter!

We must act through the energetic plane and then only indirectly through the physical plane. It is in this sense that our objective differs totally from organic farming.

This is the opposite of what we do when we use those terrible herbicides or systemic products that poison the soil and sap pathway!

In the end it is from the capacity, or the ability of the plant, to link well to these energies, where thanks to this information our agricultural gestures can strengthen the link with harmony, to what Kepler called the music of the spheres.


We then have a result that is an originality, a work. This is essential for our agriculture to become qualitative again and not just quantitative.

We are at the antipodes of what has been taught, we know, but farming must become what it was, a maternity hospital and not a hospital where cosmetic surgery is practiced! Work in agriculture has become intense and expensive to correct the serious side effects of synthetic chemicals that have been recommended to farmers without warning them of their harmful effects! It is these that “break” the unity that a “Controlled Denomination of Origin” must express.

 As long as man does not penetrate this sphere, the solutions will never be durable, they will remain debts for the community and will not allow to eat or drink from the harmonious energies that, for this fact alone, are nutritive.

Changing the consciousness of man passes through this understanding. This is how Agriculture can once again become "an Art": The art of knowing how to understand and consciously use the forces that give "Life to the Earth".