The revolution of our theories

When a healthy baby is born, its organism is completely basic. With the passing of the years we assume bad habits, incorrect nutrition, lack of movement and the continuous stay in closed rooms and other factors that can have an acidifying effect on our organism, anxiety itself and stress have as a consequence a body that becomes more and more acidified.
In normal conditions the body is able to restore the acid-base balance by eliminating the acids in excess. However, the constant production of acidic substances leads to overload and excess acids accumulate in the cells, skin and connective tissues. This acidic environment is a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and especially parasites. Excess acid is also the cause of major skin diseases.
Those who want to regain the health of when they were a child must react, often have to change their lifestyle along with their eating habits and keep their skin PH under control.


Alkaline skin, in addition to creating a basic environment, also promotes natural cellular respiration so that the body regains its alkaline state and is properly oxygenated. This makes it easier to maintain healthy skin.

Until the 1970s, skin care was minimal. Decades of study and experience gave rise to the concept of cosmetic skin treatments not only for cleansing, but also for care and protection. Damaged skin is an excellent breeding ground for fungi of all kinds because they survive best in an acidic environment.

PH neutral products lead to the destruction of a natural regulation of the skin. The so-called acid mantle does not exist, but is used by the cosmetics industry for promotional purposes. Rather, the skin only has an acidic pH because the body is so contaminated by acidity that it is no longer able to neutralize acidic excesses through the kidneys and intestines.

In this case, the skin can help and that is why it is important to use basic products, to eliminate hyperacidity. In this way, the body is stimulated to regain a basic balance, discarding acids from the cells. 

Basic pH products can also help eliminate skin fat, as the sebaceous glands are stimulated in their natural process of eliminating fat from the skin. 

Characteristics of the proposed technologies

All our formulations are based on vegetable extracts and are able to positively influence and regulate cellular physiology, restoring its balance.

The products can be in the form of detergents (soaps, foams, etc..,) spry, masks, creams, emulsions, aqueous solutions, oils, gels, pastes, lotions, vials etc.. 

All products do not contain parabens, silicones, petrolatum, preservatives, dyes and additives.

Anti-aging cosmetics.
Cosmetics for the preventive and curative treatment of diseases of the integumentary system due to mycosis, bacteriosis and virosis.
Cosmetics for the treatment of pathologies and alterations of the integumentary apparatus: dermatitis, psoriasis, acne etc. due to external factors, pathologies, dysfunctions, infections or infestations, as well as lesions, burns and ulcers.

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