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Covid: 30% patients lose hair in large quantity

It seems that more than 30% of people who contract the Covid-19 infection report copious hair loss.

 And this on a psychological level aggravates the consequences of the coronavirus. This was discussed at the 94th Sidemast Congress, the Italian Society of Medical, Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatology (this year on a digital platform).
    Many people who have tested positive for the virus, dermatologists point out, report a weakening and thinning of the hair.

Post-Covid hair loss is part of the typical reactive hair loss that occurs after traumatic events. To a very small extent, it also occurs during the change of seasons.
    “The first reports – says Professor Bianca Maria Piraccini, from the University of Bologna – date back to June 2020 and came from all over the world. The most frequent form (90% of cases), occurs two or three months after recovery and is thought to be due to bedding, weight loss, hypo-oxygenation, drugs, stress to which the body has been subjected.

S.M.T. Technology

(Supra Molecular Te-chnology) is a highly perfor- manent, environmentally friendly technology with zero environmental impact that is expanding rapidly. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to program the functions of a “carrier” according to individual needs.

How dermo trico works

The Dermo-Trico of the QS line, thanks to the SMT technology has a fundamental role in the process of activation-inhibition of the cellular energy metabolism.

Probably once activated at hair follicle level by a sulfotransferase

it seems to act on a protein kinase that, by activating glycolysis and in turn the Krebs cycle, stimulates the ribosome to protein synthesis and therefore to stop an excessive hair loss (a hair loss of 80/120 per day is considered normal) and a possible regrowth of the hair.