Francesca Barba

Report collaboration and test with Luciano Gastaldi

My name is Francesca Barba, I run two businesses,

a Bistrot open all day and a Wine Bar open in the evening,

 and I do Gran Fondo for passion.

I met Luciano in a moment of strong stress and fatigue in which I work 7/7 days with an average of 12 hours a day and I have very little time and energy to train. I haven’t ridden my bike on the road since January 1st, also because the weather doesn’t agree with me, and at the end of April I would like to do my first GF.

My main goal, however, is the Fausto Coppi 110km +250mt at the beginning of July.

I asked Luciano, who already helps other athletes in the race, for help and he brought me 3 sample bottles to try.

I started Wednesday, February 8 with n3 :

Wednesday I started work at 9am and finished at midnight. On Thursday I started work at 7.30am and finished at 1am but I managed to swim 1500mt. Apart from the initial tiredness in the first 250mt due to the lack of training I had positive feelings and the times are more or less the same as in December. I had a bit of a let down around 4pm when work dropped off and I finished setting up after the lunches but as soon as people came in I recovered.

I drank bottle number 2 on Friday:

I started at 7:30 am and finished at 00:30 am on Saturday, despite the fact that I slept for 9 hours and I only start work at 2:30 pm, I didn’t feel like working out. On Sunday morning I did 45 minutes of rollers with the table of a friend who does ironman and 1h30 of Tabatha circuits and functional exercises with a friend. I hadn’t trained with this intensity since the beginning of December (also because lately going to the gym at night after work I was struggling to sleep) and I was afraid to get up on Monday with my muscles in pieces. Monday morning I only felt a little soreness in my glutes. Monday I started the work out at 8:30am and finished at midnight.