Luciano Gastaldi


Luciano Gastaldi


“Water is a mirror that reflects our mind”.

Water that feeds us, quenches our thirst, cradles us. Water that flows and stagnates, that digs, shapes, moulds. Fresh water and salt water. Water that gives us life. The story between man and water is one of indissoluble love whose roots cannot be traced. And while until recently it was thought that water had arrived on Earth brought by meteorites, now new and recent studies bring to light the evidence of its presence on the planet since its creation: it has always been there, it has always been there. Water that gives shape. Water that knows and makes us know. Water that informs. Water that can be informed.

Only in water, every seed begins its life, every embryo, the fetal water, takes part in its development and preserves it. It activates each of its biological programs, but even if it needs to be modified, only water could do it.

 Water, as the womb of our species, and of each one of us. The miracle of uterine water is renewed with every pregnancy: each one of us comes from those waters, from that beneficial and protective amniotic fluid. The fetus absorbs it through the skin in the first 14 weeks of gestation, then drinks it, and filters it through the kidneys: the liquid is renewed every three hours, in a continuous flow, like a mountain stream. The fetus, informs of itself the amniotic fluid, which supports and contains it, there are dispersed fetal cells and microorganisms. The uterine waters protect the mother’s organs from the baby’s movements. Water is the most common substance on planet earth. It accompanies us in every moment of our lives, but do we also know what secrets this magnificent element hides? In all the world, there is nothing more delicate or more malleable than water, but it can pierce the hardest. No one can conquer it, but everyone can have it.


but no scientist can explain why its mass decreases at positive temperature, and increases at negative temperature all its characteristics are unique, because it is the only substance that is found in the three states: liquid, solid and gaseous.  (Allois Gruber).   It is also understood that in a seed, in the moment of sprouting, a pressure up to 400 atmospheres is generated, for this reason a sprout can easily pierce the asphalt. The water together with the sap can rise in the stems of trees, having the better in the journey with pressures of tens of atmospheres.

  Water never ceases to amaze us: it is an essential and common element, but it seems that it still hides some secrets. Water holds within itself the memory of the information with which it comes into contact: weak and very weak electromagnetic signals that water is able to pick up, capture and transfer. From the electrical point of view, a water molecule has very particular characteristics; it can be compared to a small battery, with two electrical poles. Each molecule is constituted by a negative charge, and two positive ones, which are positioned in two separate points, at a certain distance.                                                                                                                       It seems that it is this peculiarity, to make it very active, and allow it to absorb a considerable amount of biomagnetic energy, and store it for a long time, while other bodies are able to maintain the bioenergy charge only for a few hours, or at most a few days. An ongoing scientific research is overcoming the modern laws of physics and biology. It is hypothesized that our DNA can transmit very weak electromagnetic waves through water, and that this stores them.  The DNA, is able to emit, and transmit low frequency electromagnetic signals in highly diluted aqueous solutions, which then maintain “memory” of the characteristics of DNA itself. Frequencies that in the past, during an experiment, were transformed into sounds. The voice of DNA. In short, DNA “communicates” to water, which memorizes and disseminates the message.  Interacting with water with very low frequency pulses and magnetic fields

In particular, the research was interested in the water inside the human body and focused on the presence in it of ultra-debris electromagnetic fingerprints that constituted the echo of

“past messages”. In fact, it has been discovered that the electromagnetic signals of viruses reach the DNA of cells precisely through water and remain permanently stored even after the virus has been eliminated. Consequently, our DNA can also transmit its own information through water. It should be considered that until now only certain DNA sequences were considered capable of this.

The research of Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier, Del Giudice and Vitello shows the way to a better understanding of the mechanisms of operation of the homotoxicological paradigm, but above all seems to create the basis for a future generation of pharmaceutical remedies without side effects because they base their mechanism of action on water “informed” by the electromagnetic signal produced by substances present in it at very low concentrations. Water “informed” and then “activated” ” The research has aroused great interest within the academic community for the medical consequences that could result. It would be possible to think of medicines without side effects that would base their success on the effects of weak electromagnetic signals activated that would intervene directly on the cell.

  Just the vibrations/frequencies are the “tools”, that is the means by which the information, instructions, are exchanged between the molecules, along the cascade scale of events, which govern the biological functions, and to a large extent if not all, even the chemical ones, biological “ground” of the physical body, as well as submarines in the oceans, communicate with their bases and each other, only with low frequency emissions! Emotions have always been related to the frequencies of sounds; in fact, a certain type of melody relaxes, and another excites, depending on the type of frequency composition used.      

The body abandons muscular tensions, allowing the energy that stagnates in the contracted muscles to flow and releasing any energy blocks. The mind relaxes and the brain enters a state of deep relaxation, producing alpha and theta waves.  The body, can connect to the harmonic frequencies generated by these portentous instruments and thanks to the relaxation of mind and body, can tap into the silent knowledge inherent in each of us. We cure with water, because man and his body is water, we can improve the negative water inside us.

  It is understood that the frequency equal to 8 corresponds to the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field, this frequency forms a harmonic structure in water, which is also found inside in every kind of food.

These are defined as psycho-emotional-electro-cerebral-chemical-physical interactive phenomena, activated by frequencies, well defined and definable. Millions of biological molecules can communicate at the speed of light in the body of living (water compounds), each with its corresponding molecule. All it takes is for the computer system that regulates the organism to get blocked for some reason, at any point in the organism, that the whole system is affected……here is disease! Its global Magnetic Emotional Center is altered; abnormal frequencies are emitted and those suitable and symbiotic to the global system are inhibited !

  The nutritional biochemist Lee H Lorenzen, jr., developed the concept of Clustered Water more than 14 years ago, Lee began a research, working with Japanese scientists, realized that many water sources in various parts of the world are recognized as curative. Until now it was believed that these properties were due to a placebo effect. Thus began the research to find the reasons for these unexplainable phenomena. Researchers discovered that curative springs such as Lourdes, in France, and Kiromisu in Japan, are such because they contain natural “clusters” in their water. Unfortunately, to get the effect from these waters, one had to drink from the spring directly. The water is not stable, and must be consumed a few minutes after it gushes to the surface. It was never possible to take the water away and maintain its stability. After years of research, the best natural sources were those of Lourdes (France), Unza (Pakistan, where several ultra-centenarians live), Tlacote (Mexico), Nordenau (Germany), Delhi (India). These sources have chemical and physical characteristics identical to each other and that is they have the same amount of hydrogen and active oxygen, are alkaline and have negative ORP (antioxidants). It was discovered that the factor responsible for the excellent health and longevity of these populations, was the water.

One of the most puzzling aspects of water, is the presence of several clustered groupings within water, in its liquid state. At first, these were thought to imply an established entity, such as a crystal, in which the molecules themselves were present, for what in the terms of physics is a relatively long time (i.e., for more than a second). As Chaplin now points out, physicists now know that molecules, join these groupings or break away from them in an ever-changing dynamic arrangement, which depends on factors such as temperature and also the presence of other molecules. 

 As Chaplin puts it, “Groupings are now conceived as dynamic entities, allowing a simple glimpse into a complex, discontinuous, and rapidly changing environment. As such they reveal the underlying nature of water.”

This is why we are so interested in studying water for experiments with intention. It, it seems, is a unique substance on the planet, with a central role in holding and transmitting information. Life may depend on these anomalous properties.

In 1956, in a laboratory of a military institution that dealt with the development and production of weapons of mass destruction, where they worked on the production of bacteriological weapons, during a meeting that lasted hours, where they discussed the devastating effects that could cause this weapon, all participants were transported to the hospital with strong symptoms of food poisoning. The causes of the poisoning were never identified, the participants had not taken anything but water that was on the table of the meeting! The water was checked, and there was no trace of polluting elements, chemical structure H2O. After 20 years a new hypothesis was presented, which could explain the unknown behavior of water. Water has a mind! Water perceives and assimilates all influences, remembers everything that happens in the space around it. If water comes into contact with a substance and acquires its qualities, it stores this information in its memory.

By recording information, water acquires new characteristics, even though the chemical structure remains constant. It turns out that the structure of water is much more important than its chemical composition. The structure of water is how its molecules are organized, and therefore how water molecules come together in groups. These groups are called clusters, and some scientists have realized that clusters are a form of memory cell, in which it records everything it sees, hears and perceives.

People do not think that the moment you turn off the light, the water changes, water can change structure also for electromagnetic fields emitted by modern appliances, and cell phones, that we normally use, and mainly also our human emotions, especially positive and negative ones have greater effect. Water remains water, in its chemical form, but its structure, as in a nervous system, reacts to all alterations, it was discovered that each cluster of water, there are 440,000 memory cells, which interact with the external environment. The strength of the structure of a cluster, confirmed the hypothesis, that water is able to assimilate and save information. It is possible that water has a form of memory similar to the computer, is provided with information storage, (Rustum Roj).                                                                         

In the laboratory, it was possible to structure the water and it was understood that the seeds sprouted earlier, the time of maturation of the vegetables was reduced and the quantity of proteins and useful elements contained in it was considerably increased. Treated sprouts were long, straight and strong, whereas untreated ones were thin and weak, 20% less water was used, completely avoiding the use of manure and fertilizers. The chemical composition of this water is always the same H2O, only the structure has been changed. In conclusion, it can be said that structured water has a positive effect on the growth of fruits and vegetables. Today scientists can explain, how this happens, but there is no answer to the question: Why!

We can use the same model of plants on man obtaining amazing results on the body and on the results he can obtain, for example, in sport.

Keep in mind that in nature the water from our taps, before reaching us, bends in the pipes, thus destroying the natural structure. Tap water is composed of crystals of different shapes but all deformed, without symmetry or beauty. Even the water that flows in our heating systems is stagnant and putrid. Today even more so, since underfloor heating is in fashion. In several eastern cities, tap water is closed-circuit, after use, it is chemically purified through massive filters and returned to the taps of the houses. Unfortunately, people drink water with memories of chemicals and the violence it has been subjected to, but even more so it is polluted with information that gathers in the thousands of miles of pipes through thousands of houses and apartments. By the time this water reaches the body, it is almost dead. 

Man is mainly made up of water, exactly 70-90% depending on age, to maintain efficient life energy, he must drink about 2 liters of water per day, and with a shower or a bath, the body can absorb even 1.5 liters of water! The structure of the water in each person, is identical to the structure of the water of the place where he was born. Because of this, our internal connections to the place of birth are imprinted throughout our lives. This means that the concept of homeland, has not only a poetic sense, but also a very concrete and physical implication. Nowhere in the world, there is identical water, crossing the mineral layers of the rough stone structure from the surface, the water absorbs the vibrations of the earth, the information about its biological and energetic peculiarities. Man by his nature has a hard time distinguishing the more or less energetic water, the same experiment was done with animals, for example dogs. It has been understood that they always choose to drink the most energetically vital water, that is the spring water. Water is the element most present in the brain, since water molecules are so dynamic, they are part of the memory of the brain, (Rustum Roj).

It is clear to us that the ability to influence the ability of water to carry information plays a key role in saving the planet. I would formulate the principle ” C & C N ” Understanding and Copying Nature.