Marina Tesio

Report collaboration and test with Luciano Gastaldi

My name is Marina Tesio, I am an athlete of traditional archery 3D silhouettes, I compete for three different federations:

  • I.A.R.C. for Italian competitions
  • B.H.C. for European competitions
  • I.T.A. representing the C.O.N.I.  and the NATIONAL

I am also Italian Champion – 6 times Regional Champion – 4th at the European Championships 2014 – called to the National Team for the World Championships 2015 placing me 5th overall – GOLD at the Italian Championships 2016 – won the three qualifying competitions for the call to the World Championships 2016 – Bronze at the Italian Championships Federation F.I.T.A. 2016 (Italian National Team) – Gold at the Italian Championships Federation F.I.A.R.C. 2016.

Updates: Won the Regional Championships – Won the Piedmont Liguria Bi-regional Championships – Won the F.I.A.R.C. Italian Championships – 5th at the W.B.H.C. World Championships – Silver at the qualifiers for the F.I.T.A. National Team – Gold second evaluation F.I.T.A. – GOLD at the French Championships August 23/27, 2017 – ……….. 2019 won the world title at the championships held in South Dakota (USA)

This brief report, aims to share my experience in the field of research, with Luciano Gastaldi that although I started with a certain skepticism, the results were optimal and I was able to test the functionality of the treatment helps me in concentration, gives me a greater awareness of the present with a consequent improvement of the technique combined with the gesture of shooting; in addition to this it increases my resistance and in some cases removed those small muscular pains resulting from the practice of archery.

All this without banned products but with only the use of water by Luciano.

Tesio Marina at the Archers Association “alCasale” road Canavero Briccherasio (TO)

Marina Tesio

CARMAGNOLA – PANCALIERI – Marina Tesio already Italian Fiarc Indoor Champion in recent years, given the excellent sporting results of 2014 and the qualifying competitions carried out during the current year, has been summoned by Fitarco (affiliated Coni) as one of the three National archers to defend the Italian Tricolor at the next 3D European Championships to be held in September in Estonia, in the women’s Longbow category. Tesio is part of the ASD Arcieri di Bra i Falchi.

To achieve this result the athlete has passed selections at national level, through special qualifying competitions. Marina Tesio arrived at the national level with hard work and passion dedicated to 3D Field Archery, training consistently at the Arclub Braidese headquarters at the Pollenzo (Bra) sports center, at the company’s 3D shooting range located at America dei Boschi and at her own estate.
“We are hopeful that our athlete will return victorious to be present at the next Sport in Piazza to be held in Bra in September, when the Archers of Bra every year entertain the citizens with archery and their performances,” says the leadership of the Arclub.
The Braidese society also counts among its ranks other Fitarco and Fiarc titled athletes: in Fiarc Riccardo Bergesio current Italian Indoor Champion in the Cuccioli male Longbow category, Adele Venturi and Manuela Capra respectively ranked 2nd and 3rd at the 2013 Italian Indoor Championships in the female Longbow hunters category, Manuela Capra current International 3D Indoor Female Longbow Champion and Riccardo Bergesio current International 3D Indoor Champion in the Cuccioli male Longbow category.
In Fiarc also Michea Godano, current Italian Indoor Champion in the male category Cuccioli Ricurvo and holder of the 2nd place at the 2013 International Indoor Championship held in Malles in the same category (in 2013 he played in 01 Foss, Arcieri Fossanesi).
In Fitarco Andrea Arlorio ranked 3rd at the Italian 3D Championships in 2013 in the Junior Male Instinctive Bow category. “We are proud to inform you that Michea Godano during 2014, already a member of the Arcieri Braidesi, has obtained three first places in the qualification for the next European Championships to be held in Estonia, but due to his young age there is no national team. He would have been in it by right, and we have no doubt that in the years to come he can be part of the future Italian men’s national team”.
Over the years many regional titles have been obtained in different categories in Fiarc. The headquarters of Pollenzo-Bra is also the seat of the Regional School Fiarc (Italian Archery Federation) of archery, as a suitable structure for type and equipment, the annual conduct of courses aimed at training new regional instructors of archery.
The whole Braidese Archery Club wishes Marina the best of luck and is optimistic about her future national results in Fitarco.