Martina Stirano

Some tests and trials with S.M.T. Technology

So considering I had to do a very easy recovery walk, I felt really good today. Compared to yesterday there is no comparison. And of course this improvement I assume is because of SMT #1. Because yesterday I was quite tired and today less so.
Reason 1: usually in this workout I pedal much slower and with less desire. So observation: I was pedaling better than usual
Reason 2, the most significant: I did about 3/ 4 minutes on a slight uphill where I was pushing a lot, but not too much. (not knowing what the SMT n 1 works on obviously I can not tell you exactly, but …) [it’s a complicated speech, I try to explain].
I tried to make this progression just to understand something and still have some data / feelings and I saw data that I had never seen before. That is, 3 / 4 min at 170 average beats (below the anaerobic threshold) where I kept the 35 km / h. For me impressive data since I barely keep 30 km / h downhill.
From this point of view, personally I can think that the SMT No. 1 worked on something like blood oxygenation / lactic acid / fatigue … I would exclude (but not entirely) that it worked on beats. Because yes, oddly enough they were a little lower than usual, but still if I pushed hard they would go up about the same as usual….

Feelings: Definitely improved physically, never done so little
fatigue/pushed so well after a race….
My heart rate was a little low given the effort of the day before.
My legs were spinning very well, I felt a lot of fatigue, but I was still able to push well, for a short period of time, but I could.
Beats a little low, but that’s okay post effort.
I don’t think the SMT was working on beats, but I wouldn’t rule it out.
I couldn’t give you a toto kick on what it might have been, however in the positive comp. Because I was pushing well (despite the leg pain from the race).

sensations: I pedal well. Agile and fast. Without even making too much effort.
I did two climbs:
The first one about 6 minutes. I tried to make a stretch without exaggerating. Max frequency 170 and it’s okay since I didn’t push hard but I tried to keep a high pace but not too much like a threshold. 2nd climb. Very short, about 1 minute if not less. I tried to do it very hard. In fact, max 180 beats.
The legs reacted very well to the effort. Obviously I wasn’t flying, but on the second climb I did speeds I’d never seen before (again), about 27 km/h on an average climb (slope about 6/7%).
The rest was quiet.