Massimiliano Nejrotti

Report collaboration and test with Luciano Gastaldi

My name is Massimiliano Nejrotti, I am chief technician, in a World Superbike Team, and athletic trainer in the break periods.

This short report, aims to share my experience in the field of research, with

Luciano Gastaldi.

I met Luciano in 2011 and we began a collaboration in search of new solutions to be applied in sport on athletes without using “Doping”. The interesting thing of this collaboration, was to discover that the principle from which Luciano’s theories started, could be applied to the human body, improving performance using only water.

In the period of collaboration with Luciano, I was coaching in a rowing club in Turin that year with the athletes of rowing, we were running for the Italian title, and in the world cup, looking for a place for the Olympics in Rio 2016. Luciano told me that he was already helping an athlete, tennis player I think, we immediately tried to help the boys to get the most out of their physical, in the most natural way possible. The big problem of rowing is the production of lactic acid during the effort, (pain, slowdown and blockage of muscles, especially legs). We studied the situation, and Luciano after a short time I prepared a supplemental drink, we tried the latter on an athlete Alin Zaharia, immediately gave benefits at the muscular level, and performance improved. Alin won the world championship under 23, and with the help of the then company of Luciano we tried to build the conditions, to create a team that would allow my athletes to train at home to be able to monitor closely. At the end other problems made the project fail, although at the Italian championships the boys arrived second, and with the boat mate of Alin unaware tester of the drink, which allowed him to do, according to him a second part of the race, in complete absence of muscle stiffening. It was a pity to shelve this project, since the water treated by Luciano, was an excellent solution, also because of the fact that even analyzed it was water, and that it did not have any kind of contraindication.

Massimiliano Nejrotti

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