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We are also committed to sports, our goal is to improve the performance of athletes and ensure significant results in competitions.

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In the veterinary sector, IED has many positive experiences. S.M.T. technology applied to farms has brought significant benefits in animal care and welfare, eradicating almost all common diseases found in all farms. 


“Nature Project”

Rediscovering an art in agriculture

Awareness is spreading everywhere of the terribly harmful effects of synthetic chemicals used in agriculture for several decades now. How can we get out of this, what seems to be, a dead end.

We try to find less harmful products, more “ecological” treatment systems, or we try to reproduce molecules of natural products, etc…

However, we think, that the basic answers should not be sought in these directions.

 Access to durable, humane solutions, running the risk of impacting a part of the teaching or scientific body, will be found by thinking differently!

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IED is also committed to the research of physical well-being and body care, we have created a cosmetic line called QS Beauty where products are available for both Men and Women. Skin care in all its forms, from allergies to the Purifying lotion, from Acne to Psoriasis, After Shave and Face Masks, Trichological Lotions to stop hair loss. We invite you to visit our E-Commerce where you will surely find the right product for you. 

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