Since water and, in particular, its quality in livestock plays a crucial role, we have taken care to improve your water quality.

Our solutions in the zootechnical field allow the preventive or curative treatment of animals destined for human consumption (and not only) and the increase of production yields, guaranteeing a general saving on production costs.


More in detail: the synergy of several solutions allows to improve all the main aspects related to the breeding, slaughtering and processing of zootechnical products, ensuring high levels of bio-security and hygiene.

Our technological solutions are an excellent natural therapy to: increase the immune system, perform functions equivalent to those of classic antivirals and fans, perform an anti-inflammatory, calming, energizing, purifying and nutritional function.

From experiments conducted in the field we have found that animals drink more of this water, which obviously also has a positive effect on milk production and animal health.

The same is true in the cheese making process where water is often used, the positive effects are evident. The cheese is now more aromatic and the shelf life is increased.

And still to obtain as a result of its use a better hygiene and as a consequence reduce the use of detergents for cleaning.

cavalli benessere

Characteristics of the proposed technologies

Our products are free of contraindications and side effects and lend themselves to a wide range of applications, they are particularly useful for:

-Prophylaxis of bacterial diseases;
-The enhancement of immune defenses;
-Treatment of viral infections of different etiologies..


-Reduction of animal stress and reduction of operators’ work;
-Improvement of the nutritional status of the animals (an overall better absorption of macro and micronutrients normally in water and feed is promoted);
-Improvement of animal health status and environmental and sanitary standards;
-Decreased rates of juvenile mortality of animals;
-Improvement in the quality of meat and animal products in general.


-Products and technologies for performing preventive treatments.
-Products and technologies to improve the performance of animal health and biosecurity levels.
-Products and technologies for the reduction of pharmacological treatments of animals intended for human consumption.
-Solutions for the sanitization of premises and equipment.
-Products, technologies and solutions for the improvement of chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics of agro-industrial products (wine, olive oil, dairy etc.).

In conclusion

From experiments conducted in the field, we have found that the animals drink more of this water, which obviously has a positive effect on milk production and animal health as well.

Even in the dairy production process where the water is often used, the positive effects have become apparent. The cheese is now more aromatic and the shelf life has increased.

It has enabled even better hygiene and reduced the use of cleaning agents.


Chickens / Turkeys:  

-The main objective is to achieve a healthy and rapid growth of the animals, removing the use of antibiotics and decreasing as much as possible the drug-chemical part, but still giving a superior quality to the meat.
-Experiment with a cure for some diseases such as Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes.
-Decontaminate chicken meat before it is frozen

Allevamento polli
Breeding 10 million head
Allevamento Tacchini


-Fast and healthy growth, making the animal less prone to disease.
-Eliminate antibiotic use and decrease the chemical drug part while giving a superior quality to the meat and raising a healthy animal.

Allevamento Vitelli


  • Increasing the quality of milk, its vitamins and proteins to ensure that Russian children drink good and healthy milk for their health and growth.
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( adjust the values out of norm, so that the water is free from bacteria and infections)